CAMPAIGN FOR CHRIST AT OSIELE The school partnered with the church of Christ located at Osiele, about 20 miles away from the school for the campaign. Both students and staff members were involved in this exercise as the outreach was conducted in collaboration with above mentioned congregation. In this gathering, over hundred persons were in attendance at the event and it afforded us the opportunity to showcase a video on the subject of “Man is lost in sin”. We are thankful to each participant present at the event. The program was staged for about 3 hours. Souls were reached as responses were given to questions raised by prospects. We give glory to God for this wonderful outing. WEEKEND EVANGELISM/OUTREACH The students were engaged in an outreach to the prison (Prison ministry) as inmates were encouraged and counselled. Both male and female cells were visited and the outcome of this exercise was encouraging. The hospital ministry was not left out as some students’ visited the Federal and State Medical Centers. Patients were prayed for, encouraged and counselled. The students were able to visit the children emergency ward, surgical ward, accident ward, pediatric, male and female wards. Tracts were also distributed. To God be the glory. STUDENTS WAREFARE WNCC students were supported with two bags of rice and creates of eggs as supplement to what they have on ground. The students were […]

Winter 2018 eBulletin

ACSF eBulletin Click here to download the ACSF Winter 2018 eBulletin today! You’ve asked for it and it’s here!  The winter edition of ACSF’s eBulletin. Feel free to share this with other mission minded churches and individuals. Inside this edition, you will see stores about: By God’s Grace: 2017 successes by God’s grace. WNCC School Update What is the need for ministerial schools in Africa? Clinic Needed at NCBC Feel free to check this out and share it with others. ACSF Team

WNCC Newsletter July-December

Feel free to read and share the latest newsletter from the West Nigeria Christian College.   Click here to download the newsletter in pdf format. PAGE 1: WNCC NEWSLETTER DEC 2017. PAGE 2: WNCC NEWSLETTER2 DEC 2017.  

WNCC Spring 2017 Update

REPORT ON EVENTS THAT TOOK PLACE ON WNCC CAMPUS FOR THE MONTH ENDED 30TH APRIL 2017. CANDLE NIGHT The candle night is an annual event on campus that precedes all other activities marking the end of journey that the graduating class embarked upon at the outset of their training in WNCC. The one for this year took place on 29th of March, 2017, in this school hall. Some of the activities that happened before the candles were lit, was the handing over of the baton of leadership to newly elected leaders. The outgoing leaders were commended for a job well done while their tenure lasted. Also, the newly elected leaders were prayed for and given a brief admonition that will help them carry out their duties effectively. Thereafter, the President of the college charged students to remember how they started and the good virtues that have been deposited in them in the course of the training. To draw the curtain for the night, the candles were lit and pictures were taken while singing “Send the Light” the closing prayer was given by Bro. Adeleke. PRACTICUM On the 31st of March 2017, the graduating class of 2016/2017 academic year were sent out in fulfillment of the college’s mandate to preach the gospel to lost souls. Twenty-nine students were sent out to congregations in Lagos, Ogun, Edo and Delta State. Reports received […]

Boko Haram Kills Nine Children in Nigeria

African Christian Schools Foundation has been training preachers, teachers, and church leaders for nearly 60 years. To some people this is not a very exciting work, but everyday my email and Internet search engines are filled with stories of the growing terrorist threats in Northern Nigeria, the slaughter of innocent families and children, and the threat all this poses to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In a story that crossed my desk to day, “Boko Haram Kills Nine Children in Nigeria,” I was once again reminded of the horrific conditions our Christian brothers face in this part of the world. About a year ago I started conducting a workshop on the history, background and challenges we face in addressing Radical Islam. While the Islam Unveiled workshop has been well received, nothing compares to the great work our brethren are doing in preaching the gospel in a terrorist world. When I think of Paul’s admonish to “put on the whole armor of God…” I think of our brethren in Nigeria. Not only do they go into battle each day against the “powers of darkness in this present world” they also face the real danger of enemies who threaten their families, bomb villages, and seek to exterminate Christianity from the continent. There is no greater response to this war on Christianity than to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let me encourage you […]

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