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The Great Nigerian Mission - African Christian Schools



The Great Nigerian Mission $10.00

The Great Nigerian Mission records the account of the great missionary efforts in the country of Nigeria, West Africa. The original work was a collaborative effort between the Lawrence Ave. Church of Christ and African Christian Schools. It is a captivating read of the early history of the churches of Christ in Africa.





Serving the Lord in the Kitchen - African Christian Schools



Serving the Lord in the Kitchen $20.00

Maxine Cato Hunter has been serving the Lord for over 7 decades, hosts hundreds of gatherings and fundraising dinners for charity, provides meals for the needy in her community and was a board member and long-time support of African Missions. Serving the Lord in the Kitchen is a unique cookbook that has traditional American and African recipes contributed by supporters of African Christian Schools. Over 300 pages of culinary delights for any palate.





His Heart and Hand: The Wit and Wisdom of Marshall Keeble - African Christian Schools



His Hand and Heart:  The Wit and Wisdom of Marshall Keeble $10.00

Willie Cato spend decades sitting at the feet of the legendary preacher Marshall Keeble. His Hand and Heart are his personal recollections of the wisdom and humor he experienced first hand.  The late Brother Cato also spent years serving as the Executive Director of African Christian Schools and wrote this book to insure that the proceed would benefit the foundation for years to come.





Singled Out - African Christian Schools


Singled Out: Living a Fulfilled Single Life $7.95

Trent Wheeler spent nearly a decade as a single father trying to raise his two children to be faithful servants of God. During that time he saw many of the pitfalls and dangers facing single-parents in today’s culture. This small group Bible study is designed to help single Christians navigate through the temptations and challenges of the current age. Over the past 25 years he has done mission work in the South Pacific,  Central America and Africa. When Brother Wheeler took over the direction of African Christian Schools in 2010, he asked that all proceeds from the sale of his book be given to African Christian Schools.




African Christian Schools pins

African Christian Schools Pins $4.00

Here is a great chance for you to promote soul winning to your friends, or inform others about the great work of preaching the gospel of Christ in Africa. Our three pin set is a great way to strike up conversations about African Missions. The first pin reminds people of the great work African Christian Schools has been doing for over 60 years, the second pin “Olorun Yio Pese” is Yoruba for “God will provide.” You can’t imagine how many times I ask our African brethren how they do all they do and they simply say – God will provide. The final pin is Yoruba for “Think Souls.” This is a great way to get people thinking evangelism. When they ask, “what does that mean,” and you say Think Souls, it is a reminder of our work taking the gospel to all the world. With each set of pins your generosity helps to train preachers of the gospel on the continent of Africa.


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