Keeping the Ball Rolling at NCBC

EVANGELISM REPORT FROM N.C.B.C – 12 BAPTISMS NOVEMBER 17, 2019         The staff and students of N.C.B.C are keeping the ball rolling. Church of Christ, Ikot Akpaetong, Midim requested for our students to assist them in personal evangelism. In response to their request, the college hired a costal bus and sent 60 students on Sunday, November 17. The students worshipped with them and officiated in all the items of worship. Immediately after service, they embarked on house-to-house evangelism which lasted for four hours and many Non-Christians were contacted who promised to worship with the Lord’s Church next Sunday. Uyai Joshua, Anameti Akpan and Samuel Okon joined in the evangelism.         On the same day, November 17, A Degree Student of N.C.B.C by name Enono Charles is serving as a Chaplain at St. Annie Christian College, Obio Ndot, Abak. He preached on “Things we must forsake because of Christ” when he extended a call for Baptism, twelve souls responded and were baptized. Uyai S. Joshua Director of Information         Hiring a bus is very expensive — but necessary — to transport students to do evangelism. Can you help us get a bus? If so, you can do so here. I’D LIKE TO HELP WITH A BUS FOR NCBC

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New Students at NCBC

The Nigerian Christian Bible College has brought in 47 new students making the total 128 students studying at NCBC. NCBC Vocational Program The Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom Abak has established a new poultry farm. Two months ago, Chad Wagner, the President of African Christian Schools Foundation send some funds to restart the program. Mr. Samuel Daniel Simeon a Master’s Degree holder in Environmental Soil Chemistry from the University of Uyo was hired as a farm manager. He is working very hard to see that the projects thrive. The main purpose of this project is to enable our students acquire basic knowledge and skills in poultry production so as also to create interest in them as they work with the Local congregations within and outside the country. They can set up and manage relatively small farms that can add to their income; hence live happily as they preach the Gospel. We have developed a curriculum to take care of this training. Presently we have two sets of broiler chicks made up of two hundred and fifty (250) birds each. The first batch has matured and will be ready for sale by next week November 20. Plans are on the way to expand and diversify our Agricultural department to include fish production, pigs, and small animals, like grass cutters (a small animal in Nigeria), rabbits and vegetable production. We anticipate and […]

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WNCC School Updates

ENROLMENT FOR 2019/2020 ACADEMIC SESSION West Nigeria Christian College (WNCC) new school year always begins in August and it is always a wonderful opportunity to welcome the newly admitted students as they begin their academic journey. For this year, we are truly delighted as we welcomed the 2019 set of newly admitted students. Thirty-two new students were recruited to WNCC during this school year. Two of the new students; Michael Solanke is a member of Mountain of Fire Ministry and Chima Justin is a member of Mountain of Liberation Assembly. As expected, these new students were bisected with myriads of challenges, ranging from inadequate financial support from home, poor educational background, spiritual bankruptcy and character problems. God is using the college’s spiritual environment to gradually shape them in the likeness of the savior and the conducive academic environment to correct their dysfunctional educational foundation. Similarly, the college in her little ways is assisting the students with monthly supply of food stuff. The college recently supplied the students with tubers of yams as well as eggs and we are trusting God that such good gesture will be sustained through the help of Christians brothers and sisters in the fold. We are indeed motivated by the indomitable zeal of these students to learn the unadulterated word of God and to become God’s ambassadors to the world at large. Our expectations are high […]

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Weekend Student Evangelism trip

N.C.B.C WEEKEND EVANGELISM OCTOBER 25-27 2019 After a prayer session in the chapel, the Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom sent out thirty-five students for weekend evangelism October 25-27, 2019 to work with twenty congregations in Abak local Government Area. They were given some tracts and transport money to pay to their respective congregations of their assignment. Some lecturers will visit them to supervise their work and see how they are fairing and they are expected to turn in their reports when they return. Etim Nyong has been studying with Etimbuk Kaiser Akpan a female ministerial 2 N.C.BC student for some weeks now. Early this week was Tuesday, October 22 She was baptized by Uforo Joshua a year three degree student of N.C.BC. Thanks for your prayers and financial support Uyai S. Joshua Director of Information, N.C.B.C    If you’d like to donate toward the school and her work, you can do so here.

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128 Baptized at NCBC Lectureship

In August 2019, the Nigeria Christian Bible College (NCBC) held its annual lectureship at the campus. “Living beyond Vanities, a study of the Book of Ecclesiastes” was the theme of the Lectureship. We were fortunate that we had many visitors from all over Nigeria — as well as the United States. The ACSF President, Chad Wagner, along with Gary Roeder, preacher at the Austin Chapel Church of Christ, Sardis, TN, spoke at the lectureship. During the lectureship, there were 128 people baptized during the four-day lectureship.

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