Progress Continues

It has been an historic year for Nigerian Christian Bible College. We completed the purchase of the land in Ukpom and with the backing and support of our Nigeria brethren we have been able to start the reconstruction phase of the work at NCBC.  In recent months we have replaced and repaired water systems, repaired our central power generator, and now some of the most critical work is being done in restoring the administration building (a requirement to retain our accreditation with the Nigerian University Council). The future looks bright as we look at the addition of new vocational programs, provide added security on campus, and with the help of the local government we are hopeful to place a power transformer in the village that will benefit both the college and the community. With great progress there has also been a significant increase in our expenses. Repairs are costly, scholarship funds have decreased over the past several years, and the exchange rate which was in our favor for a long period of time is now shifting back to normal (which means we get fewer Nigerian dollars in exchange). We urgently need your help in raising funds to complete this project.  NCBC has been a beacon light not just across Nigeria, but across Africa for the past 62 years.  We are close to restoring her to her former estate and that […]

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Historic Day for Nigerian Christian Bible College

On November 4, 2015 African Christian Schools secured the deed to 20 acres of and that had been leased for over 60 years. It took over 8 months of negotiations and the involvement of so many dedicated people to see this historic event come to pass. For several years Nigerian Christian Bible College has need some significant repairs but the Board of Directors and many of their donors wanted to secure the property before making capital investments. Thanks to some special gifts provided to the foundation from the late Roger & Sarah Church, and a significant commitment from the ACSF Board of Directors negotiations concluded with the five villages who all had a stake in the property where NCBC has been operating the Bible College for the past 62 years. Now the work of rebuilding begins as there is a tremendous need for new water systems, repairs to buildings, but most exciting are the new vocational programs that are being offered the preaching students at NCBC. If you would like to assist in the rebuilding program, or send a work team to assist with the repairs, contact Trent Wheeler at (615) 427-8688.

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Seeds of the Kingdom

For several years African Christian Schools has been working to provide vocational training and additional opportunities for our students. In March of this year a report was released in The Guardian that Nigeria was bracing for a severe food shortage and for the past several years Nigeria has been identified as #4 in the world as it pertains to food shortage risks. The ability of our graduates to learn basic survival gardening techniques (as taught to them by Healing Hands International representatives) has provided a great resource for our schools. Not only are our students learning advanced agricultural techniques, we are also producing food for the campus, for sale in the local markets and teaching skills that are then passed on to the local communities where our graduates work and live. Our Director at West Nigeria Christian College, Biodun Olowabi had this to say, “Farming is usually done in a step by step process, usually one step at a time. From the choice of the farm site, to clearing, heaping or digging, to planting, weeding, and patiently tending the crops till maturity, and finally harvesting. The school farm had undergone the first three steps and is now in the fourth stage, which is planting of crops. We planted maize, water-melon, and cassava which agriculturally speaking can be termed mixed cropping. The corn had already germinated and is growing at a […]

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Building Bridges

In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams. ~ Nigerian proverb The story is told of a noted General who asked a bridge builder in his troop how long it would take to build a bridge across a strategic point in the river. The engineer responded, “About three days.”  He was told to draw up the plans and a few days later the General returned asking to see the plans. The engineer seemed surprised by the request, “The bridge is completed General, it will take a few more days if you want plans.” Challenges, struggles, and crisis’ sometimes have a way of distracting us from the important matters that need our attention. The Nigerian proverb, “In the moment of crisis the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams,” is a reminder to keep our minds open to new opportunities and pathways for growth. In the Bible, the Apostle Paul often took this approach. While he was confined to a prison in Rome he wrote an inspiring letter to his friends and spiritual family in Philippi. He was locked in prison, they were struggling with being persecuted for their religious beliefs, but he choose to build bridges, rather than dams. Listen to what he has to say: “Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually […]

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The Mantle of Leadership

A few weeks ago I was attending our African Violet Fundraising Dinner and had the privilege of hearing Edet Udofia speak on “What Nigerian Christian College means to the people of Nigeria.”  Edet was raised just a stones throw from the campus of NCBC and shared what the school meant to him, his family, and all the brethren in the region.  Edet is just one of the shining examples of missionary leaders who have emerged from under the shadow of God’s work in Nigeria. Edet who now works here in the United States has baptized over 700 people through prison ministries and inner city evangelism. We are proud of the strong Christian leadership that has developed over six decades of work in Nigeria. Both West Nigeria Christian College and Nigerian Christian Bible College are fully staffed and directed by African brethren. They operate under local oversight and everyone on the field are indigenous workers. This “mantle of leadership” is evident through the efforts we have seen established in recent years.  It is our Nigerian brethren (not American missionaries) who have initiated: 1) Vocational Training Programs in Computer Science; 2) Efforts to establish a degree program with the University of Ibadan; 3) The launch of International Christian Academy (K-12 program); 4) Fundraising efforts among the Nigerian Churches for the annual preacher’s forums and lectureships; 5) an extension program in Benin City, […]

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