Ebola Kills but Jesus Saves

According to a Reuter’s report on October 22, 2014 the World Health Organization stated that this is “the worst recorded outbreak of Ebola in which 4,877 people are reported dead and 9,936 cases have been reported as of October 19th, but the actually numbers may be three times higher than the reported figures.”  The report goes on to state that Liberia has suffered the worst outbreak with 4,655 reported cases. While many long time missionaries are avoiding these affected regions of the world, and others (like myself) have delayed our travels until there are indications that the disease might be contained, our brethren living in Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone continue to carry the gospel into the towns, villages, and city centers.  The graphic you see above was actually a sign posted on the vans of Gospel Chariot Ministries as they carried the saving message of the cross to those lost and dying. One such brother is Daniel Sackey in Monrovia, Liberia.  A brief bio of Daniel is attached. For two long years now Daniel has pleaded with anyone who would listen concerning the need for a Bible College in Central, Liberia. I remember sitting  across the table from him as he recounted the hardships of the Liberian people (long before Ebola devastated their country). All Daniel wanted to do was train preachers and Bible teachers, plant churches, and establish a […]

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Pray for our Nigerian Family

As a parent of three beautiful daughters, the tragedy of the young girls taken captive in Nigeria is unimaginable. The horrors many of our brethren face in that country are a stark reminder of how blessed we are. Steve Worley who works with the School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria reports that at least 10 of these young girl’s families were affiliated with the churches of Christ.  Please pray for all of those who have been taken captive; as well as those who have suffered loss in the bombings of bus stations, churches, and villages in Northern Nigeria.  We do ask that you pray daily for these young girls whose names we know, and whose families are striving to serve the Lord in the worst of circumstances: 1) Asabe Lawa, 2) Sarah Nkeki, 3) Lugwa Samuel, 4) Tabitha Sila,  5) Sarava Amos,  6) Hauwa Abdu, 7) Rejoice Shaki, 8) Esther, John, 9) Kauna Lalai, 10) Ruth Fillow. I have been traveling to Nigeria since 2007. During most of my visits I have felt relatively safe during my travels (I say relatively, because there is always an uncertainty traveling inside of Nigeria). There were two instances when I was reminded of just what a dangerous place Nigeria really is. The first was during a visit to Nigerian Christian Hospital.  I was standing just outside the gate when a disagreement broke […]

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Bring Back our Girls

A couple of years ago I was introduced to one of our graduates at West Nigeria Christian College. Joseph Ahmed was studying to be a Muslim cleric when he was given a Bible. Despite threats, violence, and opposition from his own family he continued to study God’s Holy word. Ever since his conversion and the completion of his studies he has been a powerful force for the gospel of Christ in Nigeria. With the increase in violence that is occurring in Nigeria, especially the stories circulating about the 200+ young girls who have been kidnapped (see link) – I am reminded of just how important our work is in Nigeria. For the last several years those living in the 12 northern states have been under continual risk and we hear all to often of the bombings of churches, bus stations, and now the kidnapping of these innocent young girls. The circumstances are tragic, and now threats are increasing that the  Boko Haram terrorist groups may start targeting locations in southern Nigeria, specifically Lagos (a city of 25 million people).  Every attack, every death, every tragedy reminds me of how important our work is.  We are not just training men and women of faith, we changing the landscape of a nation. Churches continue to be established, souls are led to Jesus and there are open doors to teach and influence those […]

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Rally for Africa

RALLY FOR AFRICA – SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 – FLORENCE, AL It was a bright, sunny, Sunday morning in Nigeria when my dear brother Emmet Bassey showed up on a 1986 Kawasaki motorcycle. Emmet was the original owner of this bike, but the backroads and bush of the Nigerian countryside had taken it’s toll. I am confident that parts of his bike were held together by chewing gum and bailing wire. That was all fine until I realized that was my ride to Sunday morning services. We stopped three times to wire things back on during our ride. Motorcycles have become a primary means of transportation in Nigeria. There have been areas where the roads were so thick with them you would have thought you were driving through Sturgis or Daytona during Bike Week. It was that Sunday ride to services, the massive numbers of motorcycles in Nigeria, and my own affinity for riding that influenced me to promote a Rally for Africa motorcycle event. I figured maybe my leather clad brothers here in the U.S. might rally together to help our hard-working brethren in Nigeria. While details are still being worked out, there are few things that we do know.  Proceeds from this event are going to assist in helping with some of the outreach programs of West Nigerian Christian College and Nigeria Christian Bible College. The event is going to […]

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21st Century Education

Last year studies indicated that over 30 million Africans now access the internet via smartphone technology. Add to that the growth of internet café’s, broadband services and massive importing of laptops and iPads and it is hard to travel anywhere in Nigeria without seeing the growth of technology. In 2012 African Christian Schools made a commitment to our schools that we would not allow our graduates to be left behind. Most of our preachers here in the states prepare their sermons, PowerPoint presentations and stay connected through their personal computers and smart phones. We need to insure that our African brethren have similar opportunities. In October of last year we started renovating two of our rooms at WNCC to build a technology center. The center will include 25 laptop computers (15 have already been donated by Wilson-Bennett Technologies), and the installation of high-speed internet. By placing a satellite dish on the campus with a broadcast tower we will be able to provide wireless services to the entire campus. Classroom rental offers affordable classrooms. This is one of the most challenging and needed programs we have initiated in years. Providing our teachers and preachers computer training gives them vocational skills that will allow them to become self-supporting much more quickly and the high speed internet will allow a number of important improvements to our schools: An internet café that will generate income for the […]

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