Nigerian Christian Bible College

The first college of the Bible in Nigeria was started in 1954 on twenty beautiful acres in the village of Ukpom. NCBC is hailed as the flagship of Christian education in that nation. The school is actually five years older than its overseeing organization, African Christian Schools.


Since 1954 programs offered on the campus have varied. The “tried and true” training of ministers is a constant throughout the years. NCBC currently has three program tracks for the students.

Diploma in Theology

This Diploma in Theology is offered as the standard preaching school certificate. This diploma has been the standard for churches in Nigeria and West Africa for decades. This program is a rigorous 3-year program.

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

This accredited program is offered through an affiliation with the University of Calabar which allows NCBC to offer this valuable degree in Nigeria. This degree is good for students who are seeking a more challenging program than the Diploma and who may want to continue on in their studies.

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education

This accredited program is offered through an affiliation with the University of Calabar which allows NCBC to offer this valuable degree. With this degree, graduates can seek employment in the public sector teaching. This will be a great blessing to the church as it will provide trained teachers and preachers, but also the ability for that minister to gain salary from the public sector and not depend upon the church.

Leadership and Teaching Staff

NCBC is run by our Executive Mangement Team consisting of Goodnews Peter (Registrar), Joe Obina and Samuel Okon (Head of Degree Department). We are blessed with a dedicated group of servants at NCBC which are cooperating to push the school forward.

Urgent Needs!

First, we re-opened the Nigerian Christian Bible College after five years of closure. The school was closed due to unrest in the southeastern section of Nigeria. We are in serious need of support for NCBC’s teachers. Would you consider sponsoring a NCBC teacher for $150 a month? These Nigerian teachers are vital to the success of the school.

Second, during the school’s closure, several of the buildings were damaged. One of those is the female dormitory on the campus. The current students have been relocated to another building which also has roof damage allowing rain to come in on the students. This is an unacceptable situation. We need your help to repair the female dormitory and put those students into a safe and clean environment. We need your one-time help of $4,200.

Third, also during the school’s closure, thieves broke into the school’s generator and stole several components off of the generator. Since the school does not have access to the national power grid, a generator is vital to the operation of the school. We will need to replace components and repair the generator, along with the building, for a one-time cost of $2,432.

These items are needed urgently and we prayerfully ask that you consider these needs before the end of the year. I would be happy to come and speak personally with your congregation about these needs.

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