MEET: Uyoho-Ini Etiese Warden

Uyoho-ini Etiese Warden

With so many new students at the Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC) in southeastern Nigeria, we want to introduce you to a few of those new students.

Uyoho-Ini Etiese Warden comes from Ikot Iyire, Edemaya, Ikot Abasi LGA in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He wants to study at NCBC “to have a clear understanding of the Bible and to be able to function well in the work of evangelism. I want to become an evangelist of the Gospel of Christ and live the life of a true Christian.” To God be the Glory for your dedication!

After graduation, Uyoho wants to be an evangelist. With and estimated 2,500 empty pulpits in churches in Nigeria, we certainly need him — and many more like him!

He says, “NCBC can help in impacting more knowledge of the Bible on students, train me for effective evangelism, and provide the basic amenities for learning. They should build up programs and day-to-day activities that expose me to gain more knowledge both outside and not only the four walls of NCBC.” In fact, he is in a good place as NCBC and WNCC offer evangelism programs for local ministry, hospital ministry as well as prison ministry. What a good place to be for learning about evangelism!

If you’d like to help the school at NCBC, you can do so here: NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN BIBLE COLLEGE

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