MEET: Stanley Titus Joseph

Stanley Titus Joseph

Fear is a powerful motivator! It can cause to fight or flight in the face of our fears. Our new student at NCBC, named Stanley Titus Joseph, is ready to stand up to those fears and serve the Lord!

Stanley comes from Ukpenekang, Ibeno LGA, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He is studying at NCBC to have “more knowledge and understanding of the Word of God so it will flow vibrantly.” You see, he is trying to overcome his fear of speaking before audiences.

He says, “NCBC can help me through the knowledge of the Word of God and I will use it in subsequent time to stand before an audience without fear.” We are certainly grateful to have you here at NCBC and will stand with you!

If you’d like to help the school at NCBC, you can do so here: NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN BIBLE COLLEGE

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