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West Nigeria Christian College (WNCC) new school year always begins in August and it is always a wonderful opportunity to welcome the newly admitted students as they begin their academic journey. For this year, we are truly delighted as we welcomed the 2019 set of newly admitted students. Thirty-two new students were recruited to WNCC during this school year. Two of the new students; Michael Solanke is a member of Mountain of Fire Ministry and Chima Justin is a member of Mountain of Liberation Assembly.

As expected, these new students were bisected with myriads of challenges, ranging from inadequate financial support from home, poor educational background, spiritual bankruptcy and character problems. God is using the college’s spiritual environment to gradually shape them in the likeness of the savior and the conducive academic environment to correct their dysfunctional educational foundation. Similarly, the college in her little ways is assisting the students with monthly supply of food stuff. The college recently supplied the students with tubers of yams as well as eggs and we are trusting God that such good gesture will be sustained through the help of Christians brothers and sisters in the fold.

We are indeed motivated by the indomitable zeal of these students to learn the unadulterated word of God and to become God’s ambassadors to the world at large. Our expectations are high as we engage them in academic exercises for two years. We are hopeful that, as we equip them with the word of God, we will equally achieve the desired character transformation that is expected of a Christian. Also, with our plans of becoming a degree awarding institution, we are optimistic that subsequent admissions will be doubled, because many Christians are more interested in having a degree in Bible than a Diploma.

Our appreciations always go to God Almighty for sustaining the college through the selfless sacrifices of our wonderful brothers and sisters in the USA as well as Nigeria.  We truly appreciate the team spirit in extending God’s love to the lost and expanding the frontiers of His domain and reign on the earth.


School Campus Facilities

The school continues to see improvements around the campus. We are very thankful for the care and concern of our supporters of the work.












We are in need of updating our classrooms with new lighting and seating. Can you adopt a classroom for $1,100?

Vocational Project Update




The poultry is currently stocked with 498 birds. Out of this, 248 birds were stocked September 2018 and since then they have been laying eggs though not all at full production capacity because of the changes in weather and other factors. On 16th October 2019, we took another delivery of 250 point of lay birds at ages 16 weeks, hoping that at the end of their 18th – 19th week, they should start dropping.

In addition, apart from the 498 birds earlier mentioned, there should be a delivery of 150 birds at ages 14 weeks by the end of November 2019. This should bring the total number of birds to 648 by then. In view of the number of birds at the poultry presently, we anticipate that all things being equal, there should be a daily production of 12 crates of eggs if all the birds are producing at maximum capacity by the end of December 2019. The good thing about the venture/vocation is that the sales of eggs have been worthwhile.

Future Projection

Our future projection is that the poultry be filled to the maximum capacity of 1000 birds and by so doing total number of eggs produced in a day will increase to 25 crates. The resultant of this is that there will be more profit from the venture.


WNCC Vocational Training Centre commenced training since the school resumed in January 2019 and graduated three trainees in Computer/Electronic Engineering class and five trainees in Desktop Publishing and Data processing class in August 2019. The college encourages newly admitted students to pick interest in the above-mentioned courses as well as composite irrigation farming. The total students graduated were eight and we expect not less than ten students to be enrolled for the year 2020 training session by the grace of the almighty God.

WNCC ICT center will continue to deploy different ICT technologies in all spheres of the college’s activities as we strive to improve our service delivery. In achieving this goal, we are introducing computer-based examination in the upcoming final semester exams for three courses, hoping to have most of our courses to have computer-based examination. This will surely boost our degree accreditation process and promote time effectiveness during in grading. All these we hope to achieve by the year 2020 with God on our side.


The following constitutes the activities of the school farm in 2019:

1) Yam Farm: In March, 2019 two hundred and fifty yam seeds were acquired/purchased for planting. Before this time, the school had cleared plots of land and thereafter made ridges in preparation for planting of the yam seeds. The planting was eventually done in early April 2019. The yam farm was maintained and sustained throughout the germination to nearly harvest time by removing weeds on the farm and stalking of sticks to support the growth of yam leaves. The harvest is due in December 2019.

2) Cassava Farm: Cassava sticks (which serves as seeds) were planted side by side with yam farm on the same plots of land (before planting the sticks, earlier in March 2019 two hundred cassava sticks were purchased for planting). These sticks were planted on ridges already made on the farm. Weeding was also done in order to sustain the growth of the cassava farm. The corn seeds purchased were planted in May 2019. The corn farm was maintained and sustained by weeding the farmland and application of fertilizers. However, the corn was harvested in August 2019 and ninety-eight (98) modules of corn were sold to ICA kitchen.

3) Vegetables: The school prepared and made nursery beds (small portion of cleared land for vegetables) for planting of vegetables seeds acquired. The seeds were planted in the first week of November.

Projection for Yam and Corn Farming in 2020

The school has decided to engage in farming of yam in another dimension in 2020. However, two plots of fertile land in the school environment have been set aside for the farming activities. The first step to be taken in earnest is to clear the land and make four hundred (400) ridges.

The school has also decided to use other plots of fertile land close to the poultry to be used to plant corn in the 2020 farming session.

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