New Students at NCBC

The Nigerian Christian Bible College has brought in 47 new students making the total 128 students studying at NCBC.

NCBC Vocational Program

The Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom Abak has established a new poultry farm. Two months ago, Chad Wagner, the President of African Christian Schools Foundation send some funds to restart the program. Mr. Samuel Daniel Simeon a Master’s Degree holder in Environmental Soil Chemistry from the University of Uyo was hired as a farm manager. He is working very hard to see that the projects thrive. The main purpose of this project is to enable our students acquire basic knowledge and skills in poultry production so as also to create interest in them as they work with the Local congregations within and outside the country. They can set up and manage relatively small farms that can add to their income; hence live happily as they preach the Gospel. We have developed a curriculum to take care of this training.

Presently we have two sets of broiler chicks made up of two hundred and fifty (250) birds each. The first batch has matured and will be ready for sale by next week November 20. Plans are on the way to expand and diversify our Agricultural department to include fish production, pigs, and small animals, like grass cutters (a small animal in Nigeria), rabbits and vegetable production. We anticipate and appreciate your support in this regard which translates into saving many people from their physical and spiritual poverty. Pictures of our poultry housing, birds and the farm manager are shown below.

If you’d like to donate to this good school, you can do so here.

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