WNCC Update-September 2018


We are grateful to God as a school for the work God is enabling us to do in extending the frontiers of his kingdom. Five souls were added to God’s kingdom this month. The names are as follows Ntuen Divine Abasi, Ifeoulwa Olaore, Paul Kelechi, Margret Patrick and Benjamin Akpan. We pray God to continue to keep and empowered them for his glory to the end in Jesus name (Amen).

Five baptisms at WNCC this month.


It is the tradition of the West Nigeria Christian College (WNCC) to organize a commencement service, also known as matriculation, to welcome the new students into the school system. The theme of the school year INTERGRITY was launched during the program and community members were around to grace the occasion.   The program was meant to inculcate the values of integrity and the need for us a community to be truthful to God and see self as true ambassador of the college. Twenty-five students were ushered into the school environment and were received fully as students of the college through this platform. We pray that God will continue to assist us as a school in mentoring this young lad, to model them in becoming spiritually and physically incline with the will of God in Jesus name amen.

New students at WNCC

Vocational Programs Update

We are grateful to God for another new stock of birds on our campus, as three hundred birds were supplied in addition to the ones on ground. We give praise to God for this exercise and we believe this venture will continue to expand the coast of the college in breaking new grounds in Jesus name (Amen).                                                                                                                                             In addition, students were instrumental as we all joined hands together to uproot and harvest the cassava from the farm. The cassava was harvested and processed into corn flour known as Garri. We are grateful to God for this exercise.

Successful Poultry Project supporting the means of the school.
Students working on process cassava, a food staple for the students.


The school has set in motion her continuous soul wining outreach mission for this school year. We have different set of evangelism outreach on our campus, such as the educational ministry which is set to reach out to children within the community. The hospital ministry which entails visitation of students and staffs to both the federal and state medical centers.

Community base evangelism is not left out also as students and staff co-opt with neighboring congregations through evangelism to strengthen the mission work. Each of the evangelism stations are anchored and led by the staffs of the college.  Souls were reached out to and lives were touched through this mandate. Praise be to God for this fruitful exercise.

Open-air evangelism


This monthly outreach was an encouraging one as both staff and students moved out to a mile 8. The program was held at Akiode village, which is a mile away from the college. Seventy eight persons were in attendance who came for the program.

The theme of discussion centers on “Gods plan of salvation” and the message ministered to the needs of the people spiritually. The highlight of the program showcases film show, with an invitation of a resource person, who ministered to the people with a topic that center’s on salvation. We give praise to God for this fruitful exercise.

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