June 2018 WNCC Evangelism Report

The West Nigeria Christian College in Abeokuta is doing well, to the Glory of God. We continue to press forward with training for all of Western Nigeria, and beyond. Due to our recent evangelism efforts, we had a baptism. When you sow the seed, God gives the increase!


We are eternally grateful to God for the successful roofing of the store house that was roofed two weeks ago, ahead of the affiliation program. We give God the glory and we believe God who began this project with us will surely bring it to a successful completion. Kudos to our President and The ACSF BOARD — as well as to God!


As part of tent-making insight like Bro Paul in the scripture, we give praise to God and for the initiative of having a vocational semi-institute on our campus. So far, four students enrolled for the computer engineering and networking program and three registered for desktop publishing program on campus.

So far the students are doing great and instruction is ongoing as the instructors are also giving their best shot for the program.  To God be the glory.


We are grateful to God for the rain so far on our soil as seeds are been planted, such as corn, cassava etal. The tractor has finally plough the land and crops were planted.   We pray for bountiful harvest at the close of the raining season. Amen!


The final sorting of the fish took place two weeks ago as plans are ongoing to get some of them smoked for sale at the end of July 2018. By and large, the catfish are growing and doing great.

The birds are not left out of the story as plans is ongoing to get another set of layers before the close of this year. Although the ones on ground are doing great through the daily production of eggs for marketing. So far so good, sales of eggs are improving day by day and Hopefully before the year runs out we should dispose the older ones to give room for fresh ones (point of lay) for maximum profitability and result oriented venture. To God be the glory.


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