WNCC March Update



We are eternally grateful to God for seeing us through the first half of the semester and bringing the students together to commence the final semester. They went on a week break and they are back. The photo showcase the firsts chapel session on campus after resumption.



We are thankful to God for the successful outing during the Campaign for Christ that took place at mile six on the 22nd of March of 2018 (A mile away from the school) students, staff, church members, visitor and church members converged at the scene to which film show was display to showcase what we intend to teach. The message centers on God’s plan of salvation, life’s were torched and this exercise affords us opportunity to have a working relationship with neighboring congregation and about 86 participants were in attendance in all.  The highlight of this event was the introduction of the Gospel Chariot which was insightful and inspiring for such outing. We give glory to God for this exercise and having a fruitful outing.

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It is the tradition of the school to send forth the students few days before their campaign for Christ. The candle night proceeds these activities that just like the student burnt their midnight candle to achieve academic excellence; the candles lit on that night were symbolic of what Jesus said to his disciple in Mathew 5:14 that they were the light of the world, and so they cannot be hidden. They are to put to practice what they have learnt both in character and academics into practice and shine forth to an already dark world.

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WNCC VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS                                                                                                                 Another set of juvenile cat fishes arrived for stock and were brought on campus on the 16 of march 2018. It creates a platform to commence another batch of weaning of this catfish for sales. We also have another batch of cage for the birds in which we hope to stock the birds soon. We are grateful to God for the progress of this event and we pray that God who waters; who bless our ventures with success in Jesus name amen.



Angels in heaven rejoice as students and staff on our campus got baptized. The names include; Sis. Olubunmi Adenekan, Bro; Folarin, Sis Charisma, Bro Folorunsho Oke, and Bro Adisa Adebayo, the longest serving security officer on campus got baptized. We give praise to God for their lives and we pray God to continue to uphold them in this spiritual race to eternity in Jesus name (Amen).

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