Evangelism Program for November 3-5, 2017

The staff and students of the Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom are keeping the ball rolling. The students have developed their talents as preachers and personal workers.
Last weekend November 3-5, 2017. The college sent out thirty five students to thirty congregations in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. On Friday, the college observed their monthly prayer/fasting programme and prayed for the ACSF, the students, staff and management of the college. They also prayed for the success of the weekend evangelism which the students were prepared to embark on. They were all given transport monies and they took off by 2pm to different congregations of assignment.
Reports gathered from the students and congregations show that they were happily received by the various congregations. They conducted evening devotions on Friday night and on Saturday, under the leadership of the hosting congregations our students were taken out to preach from house to house. Three lecturers from the college Goodnews Peter, Uyai Joshua and Uko Udom (Assistant Librarian) went to supervise the students at work.
The evangelism was very successful, thirty congregations were visited and 35 students took part. A total of ten baptisms were recorded in the following places.
1.      At church of Christ 18 Ebom Avenue Abak where three NCBC students were sent to, they baptized two matured souls who were formally denominational members and congregation was very grateful and gave our students N15,000 for transportation back to the college.
2.      Two students were sent to Osuk Ediene and they baptized two souls.
3.      One baptism was recorded at Mbiafung Nkwongo by two students.
4.      1 baptism at Ibanang Ediene, Ikono.
5.      2 baptisms at Nkara Obio, Ikono by two students
6.      1 baptism at Abak Oduot, Nkwot by two students
7.      1 baptism at Ikot Odu, Ndiya by two students        
8.      5 souls were restored at Ibanang Ediene by two students
The congregations visited sent appreciation letters to the college and requested that they should come again.
A total of 120 houses were visited during personal evangelism and three open air lectures were conducted.
Summary of work accomplished in Ikono for the Lord by 35 NCBC students and three lecturers.
1.    Baptisms                 10
2.    Restorations            5
3.    Personal calls           120 houses
4.    Number of congregations visited – 30
Thank you and God bless you richly.
Uyai Sunday Joshua
Director of Church Relations

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