Historic Day for Nigerian Christian Bible College

On November 4, 2015 African Christian Schools secured the deed to 20 acres of and that had been leased for over 60 years. It took over 8 months of negotiations and the involvement of so many dedicated people to see this historic event come to pass.

For several years Nigerian Christian Bible College has need some significant repairs but the Board of Directors and many of their donors wanted to secure the property before making capital investments. Thanks to some special gifts provided to the foundation from the late Roger & Sarah Church, and a significant commitment from the ACSF Board of Directors negotiations concluded with the five villages who all had a stake in the property where NCBC has been operating the Bible College for the past 62 years.

Now the work of rebuilding begins as there is a tremendous need for new water systems, repairs to buildings, but most exciting are the new vocational programs that are being offered the preaching students at NCBC.

If you would like to assist in the rebuilding program, or send a work team to assist with the repairs, contact Trent Wheeler at (615) 427-8688.

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