Ebola Kills but Jesus Saves

american-doctor-in-liberia-tests-positive-for-ebolaAccording to a Reuter’s report on October 22, 2014 the World Health Organization stated that this is “the worst recorded outbreak of Ebola in which 4,877 people are reported dead and 9,936 cases have been reported as of October 19th, but the actually numbers may be three times higher than the reported figures.”  The report goes on to state that Liberia has suffered the worst outbreak with 4,655 reported cases.

While many long time missionaries are avoiding these affected regions of the world, and others (like myself) have delayed our travels until there are indications that the disease might be contained, our brethren living in Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone continue to carry the gospel into the towns, villages, and city centers.  The graphic you see above was actually a sign posted on the vans of Gospel Chariot Ministries as they carried the saving

Ebolamessage of the cross to those lost and dying. One such brother is Daniel Sackey in Monrovia, Liberia.  A brief bio of Daniel is attached.

For two long years now Daniel has pleaded with anyone who would listen concerning the need for a Bible College in Central, Liberia. I remember sitting  across the table from him as he recounted the hardships of the Liberian people (long before Ebola devastated their country). All Daniel wanted to do was train preachers and Bible teachers, plant churches, and establish a deeper and more abiding faith in each member of the Lord’s body. I am ashamed that it took this horrible disease to help us realize how urgent the need is in that country.

140625-ebola-funeral-7a_15a09b8965aa2f4d9ef59e079e495a72Every year 3.5 million children die in Africa  before the age of 5. Over 500,000 people in Africa die of malaria every year and another1.2 million die of HIV. Ebola is a horrible and tragic plague on the continent of Africa, but sadder still are the precious souls who die never knowing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ebola, Malaria, AIDS, or a lack of potable water takes the lives of millions annually and we have the power, the resources, and the ability to make a difference. We may only put a dent in the mortalities rates in Africa and other developing countries, but there is no limit to what we can accomplish in light of eternity. Yes, it is true that Ebola Kills, but even more important is the eternal truth that JESUS SAVES!

Please help us launch Central Liberia Bible College (CLBC).

Brother Daniel Sackey, with the assistance of the churches and brethren in Liberia have already purchased land in the Bong state for the future Bible college, but our Liberian brethren, eager to begin have enrolled 20 students in the fall semester utilizing the Felellah Church of Christ as their temporary campus until it is financially viable to build on the proposed location. In the pages that follow, you will find a proposed budget for the first year of training at CLBC.

A brief autobiography of Daniel Sackey

9-1 DanielHenryIt is always good to experience directly from the gospel field what is going on in Africa. This is a true life story as experienced by Daniel B. Sackey, Sr. and written to glorify God and express appreciation for His protection in the midst of the horrible challenges I have faced in my life.

I experienced the horror of war when my country, Liberia was torn apart during 14 years of civil war. My first response during the war was to take my family far into the interior of my country where there were no roads. While there for a year, I planted three congregations. As the war continued, I sought to locate my family where my children could be educated. We crossed the border into the Tabou, Ivory Coast where I lived for six years. While there we planted a congregation of the church that is still flourishing today.  The church began with Liberian refugees, but later included Ghanaians who spoke English and French (the national language of the Ivory Coast). While in Tabou I encouraged three men to attend Bible College in Ghana, they returned and planted four additional congregations. When there was a lull in hostilities Brother Kent Hayhurst asked me to return to help reactive a Bible college.  This I did!.  I taught for a year under local support, but the war returned with even greater violence and the school was forced to be closed.

This time I secured passage for my family on a cargo ship. Unfortunately, others who boarded the ship where Liberian rebels fighting the current administration and Charles Taylor (Liberian General and President) who made it clear that any country accepting these rebels would pay for their actions. The ship traveled from nation to nation, but no one would accept us. Things were becoming desperate as there was a shortage of food and water. I regularly listened to the BBC on my radio, sometimes on shortwave, sometimes on FM.  During the “Focus on Africa” program I learned that Nigeria was willing to accept the ship and they could dock at any port in Nigeria – my prayers were answered.

Upon reaching the refugee camp in Nigeria, the grace of God was also upon me and a congregation was started.  After leaving the camp, the church was sustained with the help of Nigerian Christians in the area. I found a Bible college near the camp and enrolled my daughter, Mercy and two other Liberian men, but took the rest of my family to Nigerian Christian Bible College.  I attended from 2002 to 2006, graduating with a B.A. in Biblical studies.

By the time I graduated the civil war had ended. I had plenty of time to dream about ways to help the church. I believe with all my heart that training preachers and church leaders would do more to help the church mature and grow than anything else I can do. The brethren in Liberia have already made the Felellah Church of Christ building in Bong state available for classes and we have secured 25 acres of land for the future of the school, a Christian Academy, and a medical clinic. Now we are asking for your prayers and support as God makes this dream a reality for the people of Liberia.

Daniel B. Sackey


Board of Directors

Charles A. Dennis, Sr., Chairman Elder, Central Monrovia Church of Christ

Alasis N. Goldore, Co-chair Elder, Smyth Road Church of Christ

Daniel Sackey, Secretary Elder, Central Monrovia Church of Christ

George Tokpah Felellah Church of Christ

Author A. David, Minister, Smyth Road Church of Christ

Initial Staff & expenses:

Daniel Sackey, Director $500 per month

Sackie Smyth, Asst. Director $400 per month

Jerry Kakula, Registrar/Instructor $300 per month

Lakie Dennis, Accountant/Instructor $300 per month

One-time expenses:

(Please note that Brother Sackey has provided written estimates or pro forma invoices from vendors for each of the items listed).

Office Equipment   $3,850

Generator 2 @ $1,400   $2,800

Transport Vehicle $15,500

Total First Year launch expenses $40,150


Curriculum:  Central Liberia Bible College will have a three year curriculum that will include vocational training in computer science, carpentry and agriculture.


Christian Ethics

Book of Acts

African Traditional Religions




The Scheme of Redemption

1 Corinthians

Major Prophets

Comparative Religions

Life of Christ



Minor Prophets

New Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey


The New Testament Church


The Bible as Literature

Public Speaking

Wisdom Literature



Introduction to Computers


Pastoral Epistles

Preacher and his work

Computer Hardware

Christian Counseling


Library Science

Curriculum Development

Church Growth

Church Management



Research Methodology

Please send any support you can to African Christian Schools, PO Box 41120, Nashville, TN 37204, or click this link to give online

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