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Working farm at West Nigeria Christian College

For several years African Christian Schools has been working to provide vocational training and additional opportunities for our students. In March of this year a report was released in The Guardian that Nigeria was bracing for a severe food shortage and for the past several years Nigeria has been identified as #4 in the world as it pertains to food shortage risks.

The ability of our graduates to learn basic survival gardening techniques (as taught to them by Healing Hands International representatives) has provided a great resource for our schools. Not only are our students learning advanced agricultural techniques, we are also producing food for the campus, for sale in the local markets and teaching skills that are then passed on to the local communities where our graduates work and live.

Our Director at West Nigeria Christian College, Biodun Olowabi had this to say, “Farming is usually done in a step by step process, usually one step at a time. From the choice of the farm site, to clearing, heaping or digging, to planting, weeding, and patiently tending the crops till maturity, and finally harvesting.

The school farm had undergone the first three steps and is now in the fourth stage, which is planting of crops. We planted maize,IMG_5152 water-melon, and cassava which agriculturally speaking can be termed mixed cropping. The corn had already germinated and is growing at a fantastic rate, while the cassava and the water melon have just been planted. Notwithstanding, we are optimistic that both will germinate well. We are equally optimistic that all things being equal, we shall have a bountiful harvest God’s willing. We are immensely grateful to Healing Hands International for their continued support for WNCC farm.”
We need to continue to add vocational programs like these on each of our campuses, but we also need your help.  To donate, please click the link below:

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