Bring Back our Girls


Joseph Ahmed

A couple of years ago I was introduced to one of our graduates at West Nigeria Christian College. Joseph Ahmed was studying to be a Muslim cleric when he was given a Bible. Despite threats, violence, and opposition from his own family he continued to study God’s Holy word. Ever since his conversion and the completion of his studies he has been a powerful force for the gospel of Christ in Nigeria.

With the increase in violence that is occurring in Nigeria, especially the stories circulating about the 200+ young girls who have been kidnapped (see link) – I am reminded of just how important our work is in Nigeria. For the last several years those living in the 12 northern states have been under continual risk and we hear all to often of the bombings of churches, bus stations, and now the kidnapping of these innocent young girls.

The circumstances are tragic, and now threats are increasing that the  Boko Haram terrorist groups may start targeting locations in southern Nigeria, specifically Lagos (a city of 25 million people).  Every attack, every death, every tragedy reminds me of how important our work is.  We are not just training men and women of faith, we changing the landscape of a nation. Churches continue to be established, souls are led to Jesus and there are open doors to teach and influence those in the Muslim regions in the north.girls

People often ask me why I continue to go back to such a dangerous place. It isn’t because of any particularly heroic character, or that I have a death wish of some kind. We all need to go where God has called us to minister. Our brethren in Nigeria need our support, our encouragement and especially our prayers.

Please pray for our brethren in Nigeria and if you are able, help us support our student scholarship fund.

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