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It was a bright, sunny, Sunday morning in Nigeria when my dear brother Emmet Bassey showed up on a 1986 Kawasaki motorcycle. Emmet was the original owner of this bike, but the backroads and bush of the Nigerian countryside had taken it’s toll. I am confident that parts of his bike were held together by chewing gum and bailing wire. That was all fine until I realized that was my ride to Sunday morning services. We stopped three times to wire things back on during our ride.

Motorcycles have become a primary means of transportation in Nigeria. There have been areas where the roads were so thick with them you would have thought you were driving through Sturgis or Daytona during Bike Week. It was that Sunday ride to services, the massive numbers of motorcycles in Nigeria, and my own affinity for riding that influenced me to promote a Rally for Africa motorcycle event. I figured maybe my leather clad brothers here in the U.S. might rally together to help our hard-working brethren in Nigeria.

While details are still being worked out, there are few things that we do know. bikes01

  • Proceeds from this event are going to assist in helping with some of the outreach programs of West Nigerian Christian College and Nigeria Christian Bible College.
  • The event is going to be held sometime in the early fall of 2014.
  • There is going to be BBQ, music, all kinds of bikes, trikes and custom rides to check out.
  • Your efforts are going to support a really important work.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for more information on this event you can reach us through the link on our contact page.

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