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DSCN0628Last year studies indicated that over 30 million Africans now access the internet via smartphone technology. Add to that the growth of internet café’s, broadband services and massive importing of laptops and iPads and it is hard to travel anywhere in Nigeria without seeing the growth of technology.

In 2012 African Christian Schools made a commitment to our schools that we would not allow our graduates to be left behind. Most of our preachers here in the states prepare their sermons, PowerPoint presentations and stay connected through their personal computers and smart phones. We need to insure that our African brethren have similar opportunities.IMG_0958

In October of last year we started renovating two of our rooms at WNCC to build a technology center. The center will include 25 laptop computers (15 have already been donated by Wilson-Bennett Technologies), and the installation of high-speed internet. By placing a satellite dish on the campus with a broadcast tower we will be able to provide wireless services to the entire campus. Classroom rental offers affordable classrooms.

This is one of the most challenging and needed programs we have initiated in years. Providing our teachers and preachers computer training gives them vocational skills that will allow them to become self-supporting much more quickly and the high speed internet will allow a number of important improvements to our schools:

  • An internet café that will generate income for the school.
  • Video conferencing and training from here in the states.
  • Our teachers will be able to enroll in advance degree programs (we currently have 2 enrolling via distance learning at Freed-Hardeman University).
  • Development of important skills needed to advance our students ministry and provide them important vocation skills to supplement their efforts and income.

DSC_0305For decades our classrooms have looked like this classroom, but God is opening doors of opportunity  that will allow us to expand our efforts and influence the continent like never before. Work has already started on our computer center, but we urgently need to raise an additional $20,000 to finish this project by the end of the year. Please help us with a special one-time contribution or ask your home congregation to help us with a special contribution and change future for these young men and women who are giving their lives in service to the kingdom.

We are already beginning to see the fruits of this program. One of our staff members has been studying computers and electronics and a local university this past semester WNCC offered a vocational program on the campus that allows our preaching students (and those from the churches and community) to learn basic repair skills. As a result this program provided some great vocational training for our students and created about 200,000 Naira (about $1,250 U.S.) for the school.

We urgently need your help if we are going to complete this project on time for the fall semester. Please follow this LINK if you wish to donate.

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