Tobias Omotena: A Profile in Faith

Tobias OmotenaI am always inspired by that commitment, dedication and spirit of Christian service that is demonstrated by some of our African brethren. Tobias Omotena is one of those men. He is a living example of why we continue to train men to preach the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tobias lives in Rundu, Namibia on the border of Angola. He barely earns $100 a month and provides for his family by raising a garden and doing odd jobs in the village. For the past year, Tobias has been struggling to build a church building on a small lot near his home.

Despite the economic challenges Tobias faces, he takes enough money out of his earnings each monthTobias Omotena to purchase cement and he has been building the church building one block at a time. I can’t remember the last time I saw such personal sacrifice and commitment to the Lord’s work.

Before asking for support, or expecting someone to come and do his work for him, Brother Omotena offers the first-fruits of his earnings, his labor and Christian service to Lord.

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