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Sirajo SalehSirajo Saleh was sent to Islamic clerics, ostracized by his family and finally taken to be executed simply because he wanted to learn more about the Bible and the Christian faith.

Raised in the Kano State, Sirajo’s mother died when he was 3 and he was raised harshly by his father and step-mother. Sirajo was intrigued by a nomadic group of people called the Angas who would travel from Jos to Kano to hunt wild dogs and other animals for food. He was impressed how everyone in the tribe would work together and the peace they all seemed to enjoy, but what impressed him most was their practice of prayer before each meal.

As Sirajo became more and more engaged with the Angas people, his father became concerned he was spending too much time with infidels (non-Islamic people) and they were filling his head with strange notions of the Christian religion. After repeated warnings to stay away, his father took him to the Hizbah (these are people who were responsible for executing those who converted from Islam to Christianity). Locked in a dark room and starved for days, Sirajo didn’t expect to live much longer, but one of his captors helped him escape and started him on the next phase of his journey.

Sirajo traveled for days until he arrived at Jos and was asked to be introduced to Christians in the area. Realizing he was still in danger because of the large Islamic population, they decided to send him to Lagos. From Jos he was sent to the Bauchi Ring Road Church of Christ who agreed to send Sirajo to West Nigeria Christian College. The congregation gave him letters of introduction to WNCC and to the churches in the area. Two weeks after arriving at WNCC Sirajo Saleh was baptized into Christ as started his studies at WNCC.

He interacts freely with all the students on campus, but has been particularly blessed that there are those who speak the Hausa language and have assisted him in his transition.

A few years ago I also reported to you the amazing story of Joseph Ahmed. Raised by Islamic parents, in a Muslim community, Joseph endured threats, isolation and finally banishment just to have the right to read a Bible.

Once Joseph ended up on the campus of WNCC he was taught the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, graduated from WNCC and went on to become a very influential preacher in the Lord’s church.
I often hear people say, “Muslims are not receptive to the gospel,” but that just isn’t true. We have seen time and again where sincere souls from any background, when given the opportunity to study God’s word can and will respond to the saving power of the gospel.

Sirajo & Jospeh are just two of the students who continue to do amazing things on behalf of the kingdom in Nigeria.

This year I have been conducting workshops across the United States on “Islam Unveiled” sharing the challenges that Islam poses on Christians around the world. These men when trained to preach and teach are a powerful tools for advancing the work of God’s people into areas that are often difficult to evangelize.

This year we have set a goal to secure scholarships for 25 new students. It only costs about $150 a month to sponsor a student. Can you help us this year, or ask your home congregation to help. For more information contact Trent Wheeler, African Christian Schools, P.O. Box 41120, Nashville, TN 37204, or email him at

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