Tsumeb Bible Academy

Namibia is relatively new territory for the churches of Christ. There are not massive numbers of converts to drive the need for schools as there are in Nigeria. But churches are being planted and workers trained primarily through the efforts of two brothers, John and Jerry D’Alton.

John gave up his job in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, and moved north to the city of Tsumeb, where there was more World Bible School interest. Between 1999 and 2000 he established a church and started a small school. A house was adapted to serve as a meeting place for the church and as a dormitory/classroom for the school.


The program could be termed a basic Bible and marketable skill center. Students are taught how to study the Bible, how to become a Christian, identifying characteristics of the Lord’s church, how to live the Christian life and how to share their faith. In addition, they are taught English courses and computer courses. Namibia recently changed their national language to English, so language study is most appropriate.

Even though classes rarely reach twenty in number, a surprising number of ethnic/tribal groups are represented. Some outstanding students have taken the gospel to their home areas and planted churches.

Entry Requirements

Anyone wishing to enroll in Tsumeb Bible Academy should set up an interview by writing:
Tsumeb Bible Academy
P.O. Box 1183
Tsumeb, Namibia

Leadership and Teaching Staff

In 2005, John D’Alton asked his older brother, Jerry, to join him in the work. John and Martie D’Alton and Jerry and Maria D’Alton supervise all instruction. Some of the graduated students return to conduct classes when John and Jerry are away. In addition to the school work, the D’Altons participate in prison ministry and orphan care. In a relatively short span of time, a beachhead for Christian service has been established in Namibia. The school is one effective tool used to spread the word.

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