Expanding the Gospel’s Reach in Africa

The theme of the 26th Annual African Violet Dinner this year, From Muleback to Super Jet to Cyberspace, found its inspiration from the book by famed preacher Marshall Keeble titled “From Muleback to Super Jet.” In that book, Keeble discussed the advances in technology which chronicle his beginning days as a preacher riding on muleback to the conclusion of his work as a preacher in which he traveled by jet plane to various locations. As a focal point of this year’s dinner, our supporters were informed of the next phase in the gospel’s spread from Super Jet to Cyberspace.

The evening began with African Christian Schools’ board member and Heritage Christian University professor Dr. Bill Bagents speaking on the “Importance of Christian Education.” Acknowledging that our supporters already understood the importance of Christian Education, Dr. Bagents renewed our zeal and inspired us about the future with his passionate address.

Following Dr. Bagents was our keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Turner – President of Ameridge University. He educated us about Amridge’s history and pointed us to the future of Christian Education by announcing Amridge’s landmark partnership with ACSF in which internet courses from Amridge will be made available to ministry students at West Nigeria Christian College! This bold vision offers exciting opportunities for ACSF to take the message of Christ not only to Nigeria but the entire continent of Africa!

The evening concluded with Biodin Owolabi, Director of WNCC, expressing his gratitude to ACSF and its supporters for their continued support because without it, none of what happens in Nigeria for the cause of Christ would be possible.

Your financial support of ACSF not only helps to train preachers and church leaders in Nigeria but with the announcement of this program helps us to take the next step in continuing the vision and excitement of men like Marshall Keeble in fulfilling the Great Commission and taking the message of Christ to the world that began on muleback, continued on Super Jet and now simultaneously throughout the entire globe by cyberspace.

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