We’re Celebrating Two Milestones

2009 is a year of great milestones for African Christian Schools Foundation. While the work has gone on for over 60 years, this is our 50th anniversary as ACSF. For over 50 years, our focus has been training Kingdom workers at Nigerian Christian Bible College, and our work has resulted in the establishment of about 8,000 churches of Christ in southeastern Nigeria.

African Christian Schools Foundation has been blessed with men and women who have committed their lives to the work in Africa. Our five founding board members have gone on to their reward, but despite the loss of great Christian leaders like Roger Church, Miles Ezell, Sr., Howard Horton, Elvis Huffard, and Lucien Palmer, we continue their legacy through our work.

The families and individuals who have worked with ACSF have been tremendously loyal. Some who lived in Nigeria in the early 1960’s are still deeply connected with the work. John and Dottie Beckloff first went to Nigeria in 1963. They lived in Nigeria longer than any other missionary family. In 2001, while working at NCBC, John received serious head injuries during a bad fall. He passed away a few hours later and is buried on the campus; Dottie remains a loyal partner with us. Henry Huffard, ACSF board member, grew up in Nigeria and has been involved in the work for over 50 years. Joyce Anderson spent several tours in Nigeria and, over the past 35 years, has made at least 20 trips to help our work. Our office staff is equally committed: Lois Collins, Office Manager, began her 27th year in April, Larry Mathis, CEO, began his 9th year in March and Angie Hutchison, Administrative Assistant, began her 8th year also in March.

During our 50 years, ACSF has only had 7 Board chairs: Eugene Peden, Miles Ezell, Sr., Lem Yearwood, Houston Ezell, Roger Church, Stan Ezell and Bruce Church; and 4 Presidents/CEOs: Lucien Palmer, Willie Cato, Henry Huffard, and Larry Mathis. And, since official record-keeping began in 1970, despite the loss of donors through death, we still have 38 donors who have loyally supported our work for 39 years!

We can truly say that God is working in Africa! To stand in the dark under the stars and watch as hundreds fight through the crowds to answer the gospel call; to see thousands sit for hours listening intently to heavenly truths imparted by faithful men; to be part of a mission that exalts Christ through the salvation of men – this is what calls Christian men and women to loyalty and service!!

2009 is also a great milestone for West Nigeria Christian College as we celebrate her 10th anniversary. Local Christians envisioned the need for a Bible college in the West, formed a Board of Directors to begin that effort, and one Christian family donated land for the college. With the seasoned, mature guidance of American missionaries like James and Ileta Beckloff, with the oversight of ‘Biodun Owolabi as its Director, and with the hard work of the current staff, God has certainly blessed their efforts! WNCC is filling a tremendous need to train gospel preachers.

WNCC’s Board, staff and teachers have a great vision for evangelistic outreach. With the completion of new facilities at WNCC, located within 2 hours of four of the largest cities in Africa that have over 25 million souls in desperate need of Christ, they are poised and ready to make a tremendous impact throughout the northern and western regions! In addition to training preachers and church leaders to aggressively evangelize their people, WNCC will be a center for the following new programs:

• Vocational training for preachers
• U.S. Extension courses taught via the internet and DVD’s
• Leadership training for local elders and preachers

With these programs, the work of WNCC will extend far beyond the borders of our campus! Teaching Nigerians through American-based extension courses via the internet and DVD’s will allow them to take advantage of some of the finest gospel preachers and teachers we have in our brotherhood!

As we celebrate our Golden Anniversary as ACSF and our 10th anniversary at WNCC, we pray that you will help us carry this legacy on for the next 50 years. Help us train thousands more who will reach lost souls with the Gospel in new cities, towns and villages! How can you help? (1) Pray for our work at ACSF. (2) We must raise support for an American missionary couple to oversee the new projects at WNCC. (3) We need support for additional teachers and staff, as well as scholarships for our students.

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