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In 1944, Lawrence Avenue Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee sent Bible correspondence courses to American GI’s in Europe, they never imagined that one would make it’s way to Africa. A Nigerian policeman named C. A. O. Essien was referred to the course through a penpal organization in Germany. Not only were his scores top rate, but he put what he learned into practice. He and a friend baptized one another. In a short period, he reported an unbelievable number of congregations started. Essien was aware that his fellow church leaders were not adequately prepared to meet the needs of young congregations. He didn’t ask for foreigners to come and take over leadership. His request had a prophetic tone. “We can teach our people, but we need teaching ourselves. Send men to TEACH US, and we shall take Nigeria for the truth.” Over fifty years later, ACSF has two schools in Nigeria, one in the east, Nigerian Christian Bible College, and one in the west, West Nigerian Christian College, and has over 2,000 graduates. History has proven Essien to be correct. After fifty years of training men to preach in Nigeria, the number of churches has doubled every decade. As of today, there are around 8,000 churches in Nigeria.


The mission of African Christian Schools Foundation (ACSF) is to train preachers, strengthen churches and carry the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to the continent of Africa. ACSF pursues this mission through the training of preachers and evangelists, the education of Bible teachers and church leaders and the support of campaign and mission teams working in Africa. The major emphasis of our work is found in the training and education that is provided through our three partner schools: Nigerian Christian Bible College and the West Nigeria Christian College. In addition to the classes that are offered at each of these schools, we host an annual preacher’s forum in May and our Lecture Series in August of each year. In recent years, African Christian Schools Foundation has also started to support distance learning programs and remote leadership training programs for individuals who cannot attend school full-time, or are located in more remote regions. In the near future, ACSF will be adding internet access on each of our campuses allowing us to increase our distance learning opportunities. We are also looking at new ways to work in the remote regions of countries where local preachers cannot afford to leave their farms or congregations for extended periods of time to attend school. Your support of this mission has led to the establishment of thousands of congregations of the churches of Christ and tens […]


How can I help with the good things at ACSF?   1.) You can easily help with your time! Spread the word! The more people that know about the work we are doing in Africa, the better. Take a minute and send an email to a friend about African Christian Schools. Prayer! Pray that God will continue to do wonderful things through African Christian Schools! Come and See! We are regularly taking trips over to the schools to check on the work and participate. If you’d like to go, let us know!   2.) Make an online donation Now you can make a secure online donation to African Christian Schools with any major credit card or debit card. Just click the donate button below to get started! Donate DONATE NOW HERE 3.) Donate by Check Please feel free to also donate by check. Please make your check to African Christian Schools Foundation P.O. Box 41120, Nashville, TN 37204   4.) Use Amazon Smile Now you can support the work that ACSF does by shopping as normal on Amazon. Simply go to http://smile.amazon.com, pick African Christian Schools Foundation as your chairty, and then shop away! ACSF will get a portion of everything you spend on Amazon with no extra cost to you. Another great way to help the work in Africa.   4.) Consider Estate and Planned Giving There are many times […]

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